Family Booking


We have already started the account setup process for you! You may have already received a request from MindBody to verify your account. Once you verify your account log in using the link below and scroll down to the “Add Family” button and add your child.

If you did not receive this email, follow the link below and click “forgot password” and use the email we have on file (most likely the one you used when you signed up). A reset email will be sent and you can set your password! After that, you will be logged in and can scroll down to the “Add Family” button and add your child.


If you already have an account follow the link below and log into your MindBody account using the email we already have on file (most likely the email given at signup). If you don’t know your password, simply  select “Forgot your password?”

Once you are logged in, scroll down to the “Add Family” button and add your child.


Once you have your family account set up, you’re ready to start registering for classes! When reserving a class for family members, make sure you are using as this feature is currently only available in “consumer mode”. While you can access this website from your phone, it is not the same as the MindBody app.

Once you log in, you should be met with a “Booking for…” menu where you can select who you are reserving classes for.


If you need to switch who you are reserving class for, simply click the name in the top right corner and select the name from the drop-down list!


If you are running into issues, please reach out and let us know! No one should have to risk walking into the studio without pre-booking! Without pre-booking, there is no guarantee that you or your child will have a spot when you show up to class.

You can send an email to [email protected], call/text us at 469-202-9227, or use the chat function at the bottom right of this page!

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