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Kids Krav Maga Is Back!

Welcome Back KMD Kids!

We are very excited to announce the return of Kids Krav Maga classes! To ensure we are able to provide the safest training environment for our youth students, we will re-launch the Kids Krav Maga program in 3 phases. 

Phase 1
  • Phase 1 will last 2-4 weeks, based on lessons learned from local ISDs roll-outs
  • Classes will be 2 days per week: Monday and Wednesday
  • Introduction of pre-registration of all Kids Krav Maga Classes
  • Re-establish class structure and program goals
  • Class focus will be combat cardio, situational awareness, and reducing lag time
  • Classes will be separated by ages (6-9 and 10-13 years of age) all KKM1
Phase 1 safety protocols – Contact
  • 100% touch-less environment
  • Masks required for age 10+ (optional for ages 6-9)
Phase 2
  • Phase 2 will last 2-4 weeks, based on lessons learned from local ISDs roll-outs
  • 50:50 combat cardio / Krav Maga self defense principles
Phase 2 safety protocols – Contact
  • Indirect contact with striking shields
  • Partners paired to limit contact in classes
Phase 3
  • Classes will be expanded to 3 day per week: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • New classes for all ages on Thursdays, including Level 2
Phase 3 safety protocols – Contact
  • Return to regular contact
  • Quads – training groups will be limited to 4 partners
Additional Safety Protocols for all Phases
  • Temperature checks upon entering the building
  • Completion of COVID-19 symptom checker prior to attending class.
  • Top to bottom cleaning and sanitizing of training rooms and equipment between every class
  • Masks required for all students in common areas.

Additional Information

As mention in the phase explanations above, we are following the lead of local ISDs and their UIL Risk Management Guidelines. This document is the frame work and guidelines for exercise in schools. We are constantly monitoring these documents and guidelines for changes and do our best to implement them into our own curriculum.