Safety Procedures for Covid-19 – copy

Last updated: September 17, 2020

Now that we are coming back together, however limited and ever-changing that may be, the challenge is to continue training together safely. We are committed to keeping our instructors, staff, students, and our community safe.

We base our safety standards on local and state guidelines, we’ve added several new safety protocols to ensure the health and safety of our students and employees. Every precaution keeps our communities safer.

New Ways to Train

We understand that not everyone will be ready to get back to the training facility so soon. We will continue to offer Virtual classes in addition to the in-studio classes, and will update the content on our Video-On-Demand platform!

Modified Check-In Procedure

During the first phase of reopening, we have modified the check-in procedure and updated our required equipment policy. Here is exactly what you need to know:

Modified Check-In Process:
  • All students are required to REGISTER IN ADVANCE for their classes through the MindBody app or on our website. (No walk-ins) You may register for your class no more than 24-hours in advance (How do I register in advance?) and can early cancel up to 45 minutes prior to class.
  • A designated KMD staff member will take your temperature using a touchless thermometer and help get you checked in. The CDC recommends that individuals with temperatures higher than 100.4 degrees (F) stay home and limit interaction with others.
  • A signed updated COVID-19 waiver is required prior to participating in class. You can print out the waiver ahead of time or fill it out at the training facility. A parent or legal guardian’s signature is required on for all students 18 years old or younger. DOWNLOAD THE WAIVER HERE
Required Training Equipment:
  • Please note that our “No Outside Shoe” policy will now be fully enforced, effective 5/18/20. Students can either wear clean, designated training shoes once inside the facility or train bare foot.
  • A mouth guard should be brought to all classes.
  • Groin protection is required for all male members.
  • As always, wear your favorite KMD T-shirt!

Squeaky clean

We continue to uphold our already high standards of facility cleanliness and have added additional enhanced measures in response to COVID-19. We have dedicated team members assigned to using a hospital-grade germicidal cleaners to sanitize pads, mats and common areas between and after each class. We’ve implemented a formal cleaning schedule for the entire training center. And as always, hand sanitizer will be available throughout the training center.

Additionally, we have partnered with Enviro-Master Services to use their electrostatic vapor sanitizing process to further insure a safe training environment for our students.

Healthy Students and Team Members

We’re dedicated to not only the well-being of our students but also the safety and protection of our team members. Both students and staff will have their temperature checked before entering the facility with a touch-less thermometer and are encouraged to stay home if not feeling well. In addition, we are following the protocols issues by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Lastly, we are reminding our students of Governor Abbott’s executive order (GA-29) and that it is recommended to wear a mask. See our statement here.

When to train from home: (CDC Recommendations)

  1. Someone in your home is sick
  2. You are displaying symptoms
  3. You are at higher risk.

You can stay connected while you are staying away by registering for a virtual class. We want to help you maintain all that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. KMD has your back during this time and we are all in in together.

What if a student or staff member tests positive?

Here at Krav Maga Dallas we are being realistic regarding Covid-19 and the possibilities of one of our members, instructors, or staff members being infected. Alongside all of our other precautions we have prepared for this possibility. 

If someone at KMD tests positive, anyone who has been in contact with them will be notified directly. We will not make a public statement about the infection until all relevant individuals have been notified. 

Immediately after we become aware of the positive test, we will contact Enviro-Master Services and have a complete decontamination of the entire studio done. In addition, we will continue to practice our daily safety guidelines to help prevent any future contamination.