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Youth Krav Maga

Youth Krav Maga

Our Kid’s Krav Maga (KKM) program is a self-defense, fitness and life skills training program for young adults ages 6 through 13. The program is designed to give each child a head start in preparing for the challenges that await them in the not too distant future. This exciting and rewarding program will provide students with skills and experiences that help them learn how to be street smart in violent situations.

Our Approach

We motivate students to improve their overall level of fitness through games and circuit training routines that improve aerobic endurance, strength, speed, agility and coordination. Youth Krav Maga will also feature different themes that focus on respect, discipline, teamwork, goal setting, leadership and more to help make them ready for all aspects life. Let us partner with you to help your child grow up safe, strong and confident.

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