Black Friday Safety Tips



Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. While shopping in the mad rush of Black Friday can save you a few bucks, it can also increase your risk of theft and be a risk to your safety. Krav Maga Dallas’ Owner and 2nd Degree Black Belt Chief Instructor, Erik Hicks, has a few safety tips to help keep you safe and alert this holiday shopping season.

Practice the three A’s of Self-Protection:

Black Friday Shopping.jpeg
  1. AWARENESS – Empirical data shows that criminals  choose their target based on the victim’s lack of AWARENESS and body language, not based on gender , race or even age! Follow these simple tips to stay alert and not become  their next target:

    1. Keep your eyes up – an attacker would prefer to have the element of surprise so don’t give it to them

    2. Keep your wallet/purse close to your body. Do not pull out your credit card until it is time to pay – Thieves can sneak up from behind and grab your card/money in a large crowd

    3. Know where the emergency exits are and have an escape plan at all times – If someone pulls a gun or knife, do you know where to run? Remember that the closest exit may not be the one you entered through

    4. When exiting a facility, make sure to notice who is in front of you AND who may be tailing you

2. AVOIDANCE – Seems simple but it is often not taken seriously. The ABSOLUTE best self-defense is the one you never have to use because of avoidance.

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  1. Check your ego at the door, seriously!– Someone took your parking spot or grabbed the last Door Buster TV? It may be annoying but it is not worth your safety or possibly even your life.

  2. Sitting in your parked car while looking at your phone is a bad idea – I think the term they use is “sitting-duck”

  3. Avoid commotions – there is no need for you to investigate the crazy lady screaming about her problems on Aisle 8. That situation can easily turn violent in seconds

  4. Only buy what you can easily carry and put your purchased items hidden in the trunk of your car. 


3. ACTION – Even with the best awareness and avoidance, sometimes physical violence may be the only answer to get home safe. This is where your training at Krav Maga Dallas™ comes into play – We train our students to have the physical ability and the proper mindset required to do whatever is necessary to defend against a violent attack. Whether you have never trained a day in your life or are a dedicated Krav Maga practitioner, remember these three things:

  1. If you feel threatened, don’t forget to use your voice – It will draw attention and may even scare off your attacker 

  2. Everything can be used as a weapon – Any object, with the right pressure and application can be used to stop an attack and allow you to go home safe

  3. If you need to strike, make it count – Groin kicks and eyes strikes are excellent but don’t forget you also have your elbows, knees and even biting

Krav Maga is the world’s most effective self-defense system designed to teach ordinary people how to do extraordinary things when faced with real threats. We hope you never have to use it, but if you do, we know it will work. Don’t wait until it is too late. Call us at (469) 939-1949 for more information and to get started