Must-Know Safety Tips for Traveling Families


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Traveling with a family can frazzle your brain. Between trying to remember if you locked the house or packed enough clothes for the kids, thinking about personal safety in airport parking lots is the last thing on most parents’ minds. However, poorly lit parking garages, arms full of luggage, confusing parking signs, forgetting where you parked and children trailing behind can make families easy targets for predators. 

In addition to offering self-defense classes for the whole family (we start at age 6), Krav Maga Dallas™ has put together a list of personal safety tips to keep in mind when at the airport, train station or in an unfamiliar city.

Prepare Your Kids For Travel

It is very important to prepare your children for travel. The conversation should begin prior to the trip and be reiterated in the car on the way to airport or train station. In some instances, if the importance of staying together and being prepared is not taught, children can wander around potentially hurting themselves or getting lost. Airports and train stations are very large and can potentially contain different dangers.

Park in Well-Lit Areas

If you are renting a car while traveling, when you park avoid spots next to vans, trucks with camper shells, or cars with tinted windows. You want to keep your car and family as visible to as many people as possible and as such you should also avoid parking next to tall shrubs or plants that could block views of your vehicle.

Stay Organized

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If you are traveling with a family the best thing you can do is to stay organized. Know where objects are in your bags so you are not presenting all of your items to potential dangers. Make sure your kids know where their items are as well. If you and your family have to stop and look through a huge bag of luggage, pulling item after item out is not ideal. Instead know where your items are, grab what you need and go.

Always Keep One Arm and Hand Free of Luggage and Other Gear

Many people travel with multiple bags, purses, lap top cases and other paraphernalia. But, if your arms and hands are tied up with bags, you have no means of defending yourself from an attacker. Luggage that can stack together securely and be pulled by one handle is a safer choice than wearing and carrying numerous bags on your person. This goes to say that your kids should also be hands free and in close proximity to you.

Stay Together

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Even though it can be frustrating to travel in a large group, stay together. Airports and train stations are incredibly busy and it is very easy to get lost. Make sure you always have a head count on all members and inform your kids that this is extremely important.

Come Prepared

Prior to heading on your trip, enroll in a basic self-defense class that will not only teach you physical skills, but verbal and body language cues that will deter assailants. Consistent training will ensure that so that you stay sharp and ready to defend yourself and your family if you find yourself in a physical confrontation. It is better to have solid self-defense skills and not need them, than to need self-defense skills and not have them.

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