New Year – New You – New Programs!


Ground fight krav maga


We are incredibly excited to introduce FOUR (4) new programs to our schedule to offer you more comprehensive training opportunities with the same expert instruction you’ve always loved. Check them out:

  • Core Dynamics: A strong core is necessary to generate power and prevent injury. Our 30 minute Core Dynamics class is the first step to becoming  a stronger and safer you! No prerequisite – Open to all levels!   

  • Ground Survival*: The last place you want to be in a street fight is on the ground but its likely you may end up there. Our Ground Survival class incorporates the Krav Maga mindset to approach fights on the ground.

  • Intro to Weapons*: Take your training to the next level as you learn the basics  of weapons defense. Hint – it all falls back on having a strong understanding of Level 1 techniques

  • KM Advance Flow**: Repetitions of individual techniques and partmer drills are necessary but don’t  always provide the whole picture. Our KM Advance Flow class helps students understand how to move from one attack to the next, creating a more realistic fight scenario.

* Must be a Level 2 student to attend

** Must be a Level 3 student to attend

In addition, we have also added a KravFit and KravYoga class to our evening schedule! Together, we can make 2019 the strongest year yet! Click the link below to download and print a copy.