Krav Maga Dallas™ hosts charity self-defense seminar for Sexual Assault Awareness Month


PLANO- The next Wonder Woman could  be training right here in North Texas! In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness month, Krav Maga Dallas opened up their doors to teach a self defense seminar on how to effectively protect yourself out in these streets.

“It’s a seminar that we put on for the community, and all of the money goes to Emily’s Place, which is a local non-profit here in Plano.,” said general manager and instructor Katherine Williams. “We teach women real world self defense for common attacks.”

Krav Maga is a form of self defense developed for the Israeli military that focuses on realistic hand-to-hand combat, and it looks like these ladies are catching on quickly.

“Krav is a very simple, effective system,” Williams said. “So it’s important to bring that awareness to the community so that we can protect ourselves, and we can do it in an efficient way.”

So, if you’re planning on causing trouble this weekend, you might just get more than you bargained for.

“Bad idea, especially with any of these women that are here,” Williams said. “They’re going to leave empowered, they’re going to feel excited and confident that they finally know what to do if somebody does come in to their personal space.”