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Top 3 Recommended Books for Self-Defense


Top 3 Recommended Books for Self-Defense

Hey guys, it’s Erik Hicks, Chief Instructor here at Krav Maga Dallas.  Krav Maga is the most effective self-defense system in the world.  It’s the reason why more than 650 state and federal law enforcement departments, government agencies, international security units. Many of our students train in Krav Maga every day but Krav Maga training alone is not enough.  In order to give yourself the best possible chance of surviving a violent attack attempted against you or a loved one, you must train your mind because it is truly your most valuable weapon.  We have all heard of a “gut instinct” or “sixth sense”and have all probably used it in our lives at least once.  You must refine that skill and allow it to guide you in your self-defense journey.   You were likely drawn to Krav Maga for its practical, real-world applications…no forms, not katas, no rules.  There is no “paint by the numbers” formula for self-defense.   Likewise, trying to memorize and then execute specific techniques in a violent attack will more than likely end unfavorably for the defender.  Rather, learn and understand principles that will keep you safe and give you the best chance of surviving. 

There are a lot of great reads out there and I welcome all of you to send me your recommendations.   After practicing Krav Maga for nearly 20 years and having the privilege of teaching literally thousands of students for more than 15 of those years, I was asked to pick 3 books to recommend to students, regardless of their training level.  Below is my trilogy to get you started on the path or enhance your existing journey to “walk in peace.”

  1. When Violence is the Answer by Tim Larkin

In this essential book, self-protection expert and former military intelligence officer Tim Larkin changes the way we think about violence in order to save our lives. By deconstructing our assumptions about violence-its morality, its function in modern society, how it actually works-Larkin unlocks the shackles of our own taboos and arms us with what we need to know to prevent, prepare for, and survive the unthinkable event of life-or-death violence. Through a series of harrowing true-life stories, Larkin demonstrates that violence is a tool equally effective in the hands of the “bad guy” or the “good guy”; that the person who acts first, fastest and with the full force of their body is the one who survives; and that each and every one of us is capable of being that person when our lives are at stake.

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2. Meditations on Violence by Sgt. Rory Miller

Experienced martial artist and veteran correction officer Sgt. Rory Miller distills what he has learned from jailhouse brawls, tactical operations and ambushes to explore the differences between martial arts and the subject martial arts were designed to deal with: Violence.
Sgt. Miller introduces the myths, metaphors and expectations that most martial artists have about what they will ultimately learn in their dojo. This is then compared with the complexity of the reality of violence. Complexity is one of the recurring themes throughout this work.

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3.The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker

In this empowering book, Gavin de Becker, the man Oprah Winfrey calls the nation’s leading expert on violent behavior, shows you how to spot even subtle signs of danger—before it’s too late. Shattering the myth that most violent acts are unpredictable, de Becker, whose clients include top Hollywood stars and government agencies, offers specific ways to protect yourself and those you love, including…how to act when approached by a stranger…when you should fear someone close to you…what to do if you are being stalked…how to uncover the source of anonymous threats or phone calls…the biggest mistake you can make with a threatening person…and more. Learn to spot the danger signals others miss. It might just save your life.

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