Amusement Park Safety Tips

There are more than 400 amusement parks in the US and an estimated 375 million guests visit these parks annually. With schools letting out for summer break and warm weather making a steady appearance, many families will be gearing up to spend time at their favorite amusement park, like Six Flags Over Texas or Hurricane Harbor. However, the upside-down rollercoasters are not the only thing to fear while there. Theft, getting separated from your group and heat stroke and child abductions are just some of the common issues that people can face. Know before you go.

Krav Maga Dallas’ experts share some must-know safety tips.


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Fuel up for the big day.

Before leaving the house for your favorite park, make sure to drink plenty of water and eat a nutritious breakfast that will provide sustained energy for your day without weighing you down.

Comfort is key.

Spending the day at an amusement park requires comfortable shoes and attire. When it comes to clothes and shoes think function over fashion. It’s also a good idea to limit what sort of jewelry you wear and valuables you bring. It’s easy to drop things while on rides or misplace things in crowded areas like restaurants or restrooms. There’s also a chance that having expensive jewelry, bags, etc could make you a target for theft while at the park.

Pack the necessities. 

Make sure to pack sunscreen, a small first aid kit (band-aids, Advil, hand sanitizer, etc.), snacks, water and of course your trusty smartphone not only for pictures, but for emergencies as well. If you are going to be wearing a purse or backpack that is not in your line of vision at all times, think about picking up small luggage locks to secure the zippers so that no one can pickpocket you. Most amusement parks offer a bank of lockers for patrons to use. It’s a good idea to secure valuable items in the lockers if you can.

Create a plan.

If you are going with a group of people to an amusement park, make sure you all exchange phone numbers so that everyone has the ability to contact each other in case you get split up or the group wants to separate. Once you arrive at the park agree on an area and time to meet at the end of the day in case phones die.

Take a break. 

With all the rides, sounds and sights it’s hard to want to take a break from all the action. But it can be key to preventing heat stroke, dehydration and other common summer heat-related issues. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids, refuel with a snack and reapply sunscreen as needed.

Maintain situational awareness.

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Both parents and children need to maintain a high level of awareness, especially in public places. Ensure that your kids know how to be alert and aware of the areas that they’re in and the people that may be around them. Teach them what suspicious or unusual behavior looks like so that they know what to look for when out, whether it be with friends or even family. Talk with them about how a predator may approach them offering them an enticing offer like candy, a ride on a brand new roller coaster, meeting someone famous, etc.

Learn self defense.


Does your child know what to do if someone approached them with ill-intent? Consider starting them in a Krav Maga program. Krav Maga is the ONLY realistic self-defense training for children where they will learn to become aware of their environment, use their voice to ward off predators and if necessary, protect themselves physically. Krav Maga Dallas’ youth program is specially curated to help kids feel confident and comfortable dealing with a scary situation through scenario-based training.

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