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Krav Maga Dallas Corporate Training

Do you know what to do in the event of an emergency at work or school? Most of us spend more time here than anywhere else during the day but often overlook the potential dangers that may arise to threaten our personal safety.

At Krav Maga Dallas™, our Corporate Training gives you and your group the tools needed to address a variety of safety concerns. From active shooters to women’s-only training, we offer a wide range of Corporate Training options that are adjustable to fit your group’s size and situation. Whether you work as a health care professional, real estate agent, teacher or other profession, its never too early to be prepared for an emergency.

Corporate Training Will Give Your Group Critical Skills They Can Adopt In Many Situations

The imminent threat of violence is an unfortunate reality for many social and professional groups today. At Krav Maga Dallas™, we’ll create a Corporate Training program that is customized to meet your group’s needs and focus. We’ll come to you and train your group in-house or you can come to our training facility for the most important class you’ll ever take.

Benefits of Corporate Training Events:

  • Improve inner-office relationships through team building drills

  • Increase situational awareness around and outside the office

  • Build confidence as individuals

  • Grow as a team

  • Experience a new and fun way to stay active!

Every Organization Is Different. Every Training Is Unique.

We will work with your organization to identify the top priorities and customize a training program that is right for you. Whether you’re interested in a one-time event or an ongoing class, Krav Maga Dallas™ has everything you need for the most comprehensive Corporate Training program for your organization. Take a proactive approach to emergency situations and give your group a unique way to grow as a team with Corporate Training at Krav Maga Dallas™.

Who we work with:

  • Corporate employees

  • Realtors and brokers

  • Women-only groups

  • Police/Fire/EMS

  • Church congregations

  • Teen/college groups

  • Senior-only groups

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