July Plainclothes / Backpack Week

Krav Maga Dallas is gearing up for an exciting and practical Plainclothes/Backpack week! This unique approach to training brings a whole new dimension to honing self-defense skills. The benefits of training in plain clothes and with a backpack are multifaceted. It encourages adaptability, helping participants understand how their clothing choices and accessories can either hinder or aid their ability to defend themselves. Moreover, it fosters confidence by providing practical, real-world scenarios, making the training more relevant and applicable to everyday life.

For youth members dealing with threats in school, the added element of training with backpacks fosters muscle memory for the worst-case scenario. In the event of an emergency, their bodies will instinctively know how to react, even when carrying a load or being pulled by the handle of their bag.

Join on on the week of February 19th in your everyday clothes, or not-so-everyday clothes. Uniforms, street clothes, formal wear, or whatever you would wear outside of the studio is welcome! Note, that you will still be active in class, so be sure to wear clothes you don’t mind getting sweaty or torn. Appropriate activewear should be worn under any potentially revealing clothing, such as skirts or dresses. Any shoes that could damage the mats, such as stilettos or cleats, are not allowed. Lastly, dirty shoes are not allowed on the mats but can be cleaned beforehand.