Plain Clothes Week Dress Code

While we welcome various styles of clothing, there are some restrictions and rules that we have for your safety and for everyone’s comfort level. 


Shoe policy will be slightly modified for this week

    • No pointy heels – wedges, block heels, etc. are acceptable
    • Boots are acceptable – this includes cowboy boots, combat boots, etc. but NO steel-toed

*Anything that can be secured with laces or velcro is accepted as well

*Clean shoes please! We don’t want to track in mud or anything else of that nature


Almost everything is acceptable. For females, we ask that you abstain from wearing only a sports bra as a top. Males must wear a shirt. 


Jeans, dress pants, or slacks are acceptable. Scrubs are also allowed. 

    • If wearing a skirt or dress, athletic shorts are required. 

Go for it!


As usual, no dangly/hanging jewelry that could injure others and/or fly off. 

For Ground Survival:

For the Tuesday and Saturday Ground Survival classes, wear long pants and either a hoodie or a long sleeve shirt with a collar. Bring clothes that you don’t care about, we recommend a thrift store outfit.

If you have any questions please contact us by texting/calling (496) 202-9227 or by sending an email to [email protected]